The Snug

The Snug is an ultra chic, minimalist and innovative kitchen gadget that does more than just catching your eye.

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Common Kitchen Woes


Clever Solution - The Snug


Key Features

  • Easy to install and remove on almost any utensil in your home or in the market
  • Available in a variety of enticing colors
  • High temperature (heat resistant up to 570°F or 300°C), FDA approved food grade silicone material provides thermal insulation and prevents utensil handles from getting too hot
  • Prevents messy drips; keep counters clean
  • Stops the servings spoons from sliding into the food
  • Made of anti-aging and anti-bacterial material
  • Very easy to clean, and dishwasher safe
  • Thoughtfully shaped so that there are no nooks, crannies, or edges where food can get stuck, thus preventing bacterial growth
  • US and International Patent Pending

Ask the Thermal Imaging Camera


Works with Cookware With or Without a Lip